YellowCube Order Reply (WAR)

Order replies are a list of goods issue confirmations.

The goods issue confirmation is the answer to a order (WAB). The distance seller receives it after the goods have been picked and the goods have been shipped.

For a complete list of the response structure and formats please consult the YellowCube Interface Manual.

All Orders

To check for all available replies for orders in YellowCube call YellowCube\Service::getYCCustomerOrderReply().

$service = new YellowCube\Service(YellowCube\Config::testConfig());
$goodsIssueList = $service->getYCCustomerOrderReply();

foreach ($goodsIssueList as $goodsIssue) {
    $header = $goodsIssue->getCustomerOrderHeader();
    echo "Order number: " .   $header->getCustomerOrderNo() . PHP_EOL;
    echo "PostalShipmentNo: " . $header->getPostalShipmentNo() . PHP_EOL;

    foreach ($goodsIssue->getCustomerOrderList() as $orderDetail) {
        echo "\tPosition: " . $orderDetail->getCustomerOrderPosNo();
        echo ", EAN: " . $orderDetail->getEAN() ;
        echo ", ArticleNo: " . $orderDetail->getArticleNo();
        echo PHP_EOL;

    echo PHP_EOL . PHP_EOL;

echo "All information:" . PHP_EOL;

Example response:

All information:

An empty array means there are currently no new replies available.