YellowCube PHP Library

This is the documentation for the PHP API library which can be used to connect to the SOAP based YellowCube Interface.

This API is designed to closely match the YellowCube SOAP Interface. Please consult the YellowCube Interface Manual for process descriptions, questions regarding formats and example values.


Drupal module: drupal-yellowcube.

Magento module: magento-yellowcube.


This library is using Composer to manage dependencies. Please see the installation section on the composer website.

To use the library in your project simply require it.

composer require swisspost-yellowcube/yellowcube-php



YellowCube Credentials, the WSDL to use, enabling or disabling a debug mode can be configured using the YellowCube\Config which is passed to the YellowCube\Service.

To get started quickly, you can use a test configuration:

$service = new YellowCube\Service(YellowCube\Config::testConfig());

For a list of all configuration options see the configuration section.


The YellowCube PHP Library is dual licensed under the MIT or GPL Version 2 licenses.