YellowCube Article Status

To check the current status of an Article in YellowCube the Reference is needed.

A Reference is included in the responses when adding, updating or deactivating an Article by calling

When a reference is available, the status of an article can be retrieved by passing the reference to getInsertArticleMasterDataStatus().

Example article status for the reference 1098:

$service = new YellowCube\Service(YellowCube\Config::testConfig());
$response = $service->getInsertArticleMasterDataStatus(1098);
Status for article 1098.

YellowCube\GEN_Response Object
    [EventTimestamp:protected] => 2015-04-14T09:30:01Z
    [MessageType:protected] => 
    [StatusCode:protected] => 101
    [StatusType:protected] => E
    [StatusText:protected] => Transaction with ID not found for sender
    [Reference:protected] => 1098
    [Reference1:protected] => 
    [Reference2:protected] => 
    [Reference3:protected] => 
    [Reference4:protected] =>